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marble sculpture THASSOS MARBLE 

Thassos is a marvelous green island with wonderful beaches located in Northern Greece, seven miles south of the coast of Eastern Macedonia. 

The island became well known to the ancient world, due to its privileged geographic location, its climate, the rich vegetation, the excellent wine, the divine honey, and its pure “statuario” marble, the whitest marble of both the ancient and the modern world.
Indeed this white pure marble of Thassos is a coveted material not only for sculpture but also for special constructions, such as the Muslim monument of Mekka and many other great ancient and modern monuments and buildings.

It is not a coincidence if an outstanding school for sculpture flourished in the island as soon as the 7th and 6th centuries B.C and nor is it a coincidence either if Thassos white pure marble was exported to other islands, Asia Minor and to South Greece as soon as the 6th century BC and later to other places around the world such as Rome, Italy, Asia, Africa, Japan and Corea.

Visitors can still see the remains of the ancient quarries; they can also admire the beauty of ancient sculpture works in the museum of the island.

Today, Thassos quarries are still very active and its white pure “statuario” marble is exported worldwide 
Indeed, even after 2000 years the island has an inexhaustible white treasure in its hills and under its sea and its “statuario” marble is notably imported in large quantities in Italy where it is sold as “Carrara marble” at a fourfold price. 

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