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The sculpture symposia in Thassos represents an opportunity to organize an international original artistic happening, with the production of works of international monumentality, destinated to remain in the place of their creation, creating thus a sculpture park.

The Park of sculpture of Thassos is located in the olive grove of the Lampidis family in the village of Kallirahi, which is the oldest of the island (1744). 

The International Symposia on Marble Sculpture and the Sculpture Park in Thassos came to life thanks to Emmy Varouxaki who invites and hosts artists to Thassos and supplies them with the raw material for their works, the marble of Thassos, which is kindly offered by the members of the Macedonian Marble Producers Association.

The legendary white pure crystalline marble of Thassos, the picturesque circumstances under which the symposia are carried out, the attractive idea of summer holidays on a Greek island make a large number of international artists to come to Thassos for the Symposium of Marble Sculpture, bringing an infinity of notions and propositions for in situ sculptural creation.

The common characteristic of all these artists is that they have studied and been developed in several great cultural metropolises such as New York, Paris, Rome, London and Athens, and have brought to tiny island of Thassos the most sophisticated and complicated forms of marmoreal art and artistic expression. 

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