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The 3rd International Symposium on Marble Sculpture in Thassos took place in September 2003. 

Following the two previous ones in a decade’s time, the Symposium is a difficult yet wonderful project. Its aim is to make the neat white crystalline marble of Thassos known, through the carving of sculpture works which will remain in the carving place forming sculpture parks. Many visitors discovered the Art surrounded by the natural insular scenery and the formation of stone to sculpture which came from the earth. 

From August 25th to September 15th the 3rd International Symposium on Marble Sculpture took place in the Park of Thassos, which is located in the olive grove of Skala Kalirachis.
This year’s topic was: “Dialogue between the stone and the olive”. 

Nine artists coming from Belgium, France, Italy, Canada and Greece worked in situ and delivered equal in number works, all made of the white crystalline marble of Thassos, known since antiquity. The pieces will remain in the Park of Thassos where summer workshops are run by Greek and foreign sculptors. 

This year’s invited sculptors were : Lambert Rocour, Fabrice Pierot, Philippe Desomberg, Christine Joine, Christian Leponce, Léo Gémo and Antje Rieck.

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