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Emil Adamec

Emil Adamec was born 1972 in Sedliste, Czech Republic.

He has studied Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Also in 1993-1997 he studied landscape architecture at Agricultural and Forestry University.

Since 1999 he has participated actively in many International Sculpture Symposia and in exhibitions all over the world. His art work is on public display in Europe, China, USA, Australia, Brazil and various other countries.

Emil received the First Esplanade Award in Key West, Florida for his sculptures. He specialized in creating public monumental stone and wood sculptures.

Emil is inspired by mythological art; he creates figural and abstract mythological figures and symbol, during his travels around the world.

His works are oriented by indigenous cultures of the world but mainly inspired by Baba - the Slavic goddess of Rain clouds named from Baba hill of his village.


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