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Nora Valdez

Nora Valdez is an Argentine artist working and exhibiting since 1977.She graduated from the College of Fine Arts (Mercedes San Luis, Argentina) with the title of Professor of Fine Arts.She left Argentina in 1984, living in Brazil, Italy and in 1985 moved to Zaragoza, Spain where she started working in marble at the "Matadero", a sculptors' studio funded by the city.In 1986 she moved to Boston for 10 years and has since lived in Austin, TX and Jekyll Island, GA. At the end of 2000, Valdez moved back to New England.

Valdez work has been shown in museums and galleries nationally and internationally.She has served on numerous arts panels and appeared in a variety of publications.Her work has received funding from institutions such as the New England Foundation for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the Georgia Arts Council.Valdez has taught at the her alma mater, art museums in Austin, TX, Worcester and Springfield, MA and various art institutions and organizations.

In addition to sculpture, she is an accomplished muralist and participates in many community and public art projects.

From the beginning, Valdez has utilized sculpture and installations to create images that reflect on the nature of change, the life of the individual and the natural or societal forces that buffet our souls.


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