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Ersi Venetsanou
('Ερση Βενετσάνου)

Graduated in 1980 from the Academy of Fine Arts. Florence under professor C. Severa.

One man exhibitions :
1986 : Sculpture: Gallery «3», Athens.
1988 : Sculpture: «Expo-Arte» Bari, Italy.
1989 : Sculpture: Gallery «Artista», Rome, Italy.
1990 : Sculpture: «Gallery T.K.G.» Trieste, Italy.
1993 : Sculpture: Gallery «3», Athens.
1999 : Sculpture: Sculpture: Gallery «3» Athens.

Group work exhibitions :
1987 : Panhellenic Exhibition O.L.P. Piraeus.
1988 : Sculpture: «CAPUA DIREZIONE SUD EST» Provinciale Campano Capua, Napoli, Italy.
1989 : Sculpture: FOEMINA'89, Italy.
1989 : Sculpture: Gallery «TRITO MATI», Athens.
1991 : Sculpture: Universita degli studi di Ancona «Sala del Rettorato» «PASSEGNA D' ARTE
MEDITERRANEA» Ancona, Italy.
1997 : Sculpture: International Biennale. Skironio Museum. She works in partnership with Costa Vrouva and Naki Tastsioglou. Partnership exhibitions:
1981 : "Environment", "Gallery Ora», Athens.
1982 : «12ue Biennale des Jeunes» Paris / Group show, «Maison de la Grece», Paris.
1983 : Sculpture-Environment Action, «Medoussa Art Gallery», Athens / Sculpture-Enviironment-Video French Institute, Thessaloniki / «Jeunes artistes Grecs», St. Etienne, France / 4th International Biennale of Sculpture, Scironio Museum / Sculpture, French Institute, Athens.
1985 : 5th International Biennale of Sculpture «the quality of life», Scironio Musseum / International group exhibition «Athens Cultural capital of Europe», Eleftheria Park, Athens.
1989 : Group show, «Art without frontiers" Center of Contemporary Art Ilieana Tounta, Athens.
1991 : "Environment" St. John's Monastery (Kaparos). Lefkes, Paros, Organized by «Medoussa Art
1993 : «Environmen» «Aexonis Theatre is transformed into an Area of Sculpture and Sound» - Aexonis Theatre, Glyfada.


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