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Kostas Vrouvas
(Κώστας Βρούβας)

Born in Pireus, Greece

Studied painting in the Florence Fine Arts School - He is a sculptor inspired by music themes

Personal exhibitions in main Greek galleries such as Argo, Nees, Morfes, Ekrfrasi... but also in Italy such as Gallery Artista in Rome and gallery TKG in Trieste

Group Shows
1982 : 12th Bienal Paris
1983 Young Greek Artist, St Etienne (France)
1988 : Capua Direzione, Museum of Capua, Napoli / Expo Art in Bari
1991 : Grecia Comptemporanea - University of Ancona
1983 - 1998 - 1996 : Symposium of Sculpture - Skironio Museum Athens
1999 : Museum Dalarna - Falm Sweden
2001 : 2nd International Symposuim on Marble Sculpture in Thassos (Greece)



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